3D Gears Golf is the most advanced 3D data capture system for golf wwing analysis and instruction and club fitting is available right here at Magnolia Park!

  Magnolia Park is the only golf club in the UK to have the fantastic 3D Gears Golf swing analysis system!  
  3D Gears Golf is the most advanced 3D data capture system and training system for Golf Swing Analysis, Instruction and Club Fitting and its available right here at Magnolia Park! It's the latest in personal development using science to produce great results, and its available to everyone from the amateur golfer to tour professional  
  Take a look at our latest review by GolfMagic.com and the video below of their experience on 3D Gears Golf with our very own Pro Jamie Powell  
  GolfMagic tests the 3D Gears Golf swing analysis system at Magnolia Park Golf Club  
  The system creates a 3D real-time video using a combination of high speed cameras and special gear for the student to use. A golfer can take any type of swing from driving to putting and view it from every angle. The performance measurement system enables golfers to precisely and instantly track their body, club and ball motion in full 3D for swing analysis and custom fittings.  
Because the technology displays the subject's image in real-time, an athlete may actually "step into" any of the many tour professional swings stored on our database. The student then replicates the motions of the model enabling him or her to "feel" the exact mechanics required to successfully perform the movement.
The feedback is intense and helps everyone learn much more quickly. You'll learn how to move in a way that is the most productive for golf, prevent injury and back pain, and gain strength with corresponding flexibility.
You'll be hitting the ball consistently farther and straighter in just a few weeks, and the best part is you'll look and feel better too!

I would like to thank you for your help at the start of the year with GEARS. It really opened my eyes and helped me first of all see my faults and then work on them immediately with instant feedback.

I really enjoyed the whole experience using this ground breaking technology with you. Your insight was excellent and really helped me get a good feel for taking my improved swing onto the course. I will definitely be scheduling to come back down to see you soon at Magnolia Park.

I just need to chase down more world ranking points so I can get my own GEARS system. It's no coincidence that the top players in the world all use this system now.

Big thanks for adding your expertise and guidance to the session as my practice feels fun again. The technical side felt so simple and achievable. I would recommend all my fellow Pros and amateurs to go see you. It can only make you better.

Thanks and see you soon,

Scott Henry

  We will work with you on a one-to-one basis for a full hour to ensure that your experience of the system is as effective as possible.  
  Each training session will be designed to take into consideration the physical condition and limitations of each golfer in order to maximise the improvement in performance and the ultimate results.  
  The cost is just £75 for a 1 hour diagnostic analysis session  
  You will instantly SEE the key fundamental moves, FEEL and BELIEVE the changes that you are making  
  Through the assessment of mind, body, swing and equipment, every golfer can maximise his or her ability to improve their performance. 3D Motion Golf offers amazing value with the worlds leading coaching system.  
  Book A Lesson Online Now!  
The 3D Gears Golf system offers
  • Advanced 3D Data Capture to create real-time video
  • Golfers can view any type of swing from every angle
  • Learn to move in the most productive way for golf
  • Helps prevent injury and back pain
  • Helps gain strength and flexibility
  • Learn to hit the ball farther and straighter
  • A full training and club fitting system
With this system a golfer can step into a tour professional's swing.. to do and know. It provides powerful, effective, and immediate feedback that sticks. Teachers are unanimous in that it creates faster improvements in swing performance than conventional approaches, with estimates of 4 to 9 times faster.
Detailed Swing Data - IT'S DEAD-ON ACCURATE
The 3D motion of the body and club, and all the underlying performance data are accurately analysed with incredible engineering precision, even down to club head speed, bending of the shaft and precise club head positions during the swing and at impact, which means it provides validation for coaching suggestions that lead to "Oh, I see."
"Step Into" a Pro's Swing - IT TEACHES FEEL
he player's swing can be compared to the swing of an expert as a model for teaching or compare to the player's previously captured 3D swing motion. In addition, the player can "step into" a live virtual reality world and feel the tour player's swing.
The Putting Stroke - IT TEACHES PUTTING
  The system has the unique capability to perform a detailed evaluation of a player's putting stroke, in addition to all the swing characteristics of irons and woods like weight transfer, swing planes, cocking angle, speed planes, and the x-factor.  
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